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3D Easter Bunny Box Template | Free Download


Download Easter Bunny Box Template – Easter Pop Up Card Template

Hop into the spirit of Easter with our Easter Bunny Box Template, a delightful way to craft your own bunny-themed boxes perfect for gifting or decoration. This charming template lets you create adorable bunny boxes, complete with cute ears and a whiskered face, ready to be filled with Easter treats and surprises.

Designed for crafters of all levels, the template includes easy-to-follow instructions and precise cutting guides, ensuring your Easter bunny boxes come out looking perfect. Whether you’re making them for friends, family, or as part of your Easter decor, these bunny boxes are sure to add a touch of springtime joy.

The Easter Bunny Box Template is versatile, allowing you to customize your bunny boxes in any way you like. Add colors, patterns, or personalize them with names to make each box a unique gift. Perfect for holding candies, small gifts, or even Easter eggs, these bunny boxes are a fun and creative way to celebrate the season.

Ready to start crafting? Click the button below to download the Easter Bunny Box Template and bring a little extra hop to your Easter festivities. Let’s make this Easter memorable with handmade bunny boxes that everyone will adore!


How to Create Your Easter Bunny Box

  • Step 1 – Download the Template: Click the button above to access your free Easter Bunny Box Template.
  • Step 2 – Prepare the Template: Print it out, then use scissors or a craft knife for precise cutting.
  • Step 3 – Fold and Assemble: Follow the template’s guide to fold and assemble your bunny box.
  • Step 4 – Customize Your Bunny Box: Use the template as a starting point, then get creative with decorations and personal touches.
  • Step 5 – Fill and Gift: Place Easter treats inside your bunny box, ready for gifting or display.

Be sure to watch the instructional video below for a visual guide on creating these enchanting Easter Bunny Boxes. The video will provide you with tips and inspiration to enhance your crafting experience, making it as enjoyable as Easter egg hunting.

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