Our story begins in 2010 in Hanoi – one of Vietnam’s key economic regions. With a love for art, especially the intricate kirigami art, we found ourselves inspired by the lack of pop-up card manufacturers in the world. With only two companies producing these unique cards, we saw an opportunity to promote the brilliant craftsmanship of our homeland and generate income for the people in our community.


With a shared passion for the environment and sustainability, Kiricard made a commitment to sourcing all their materials from sustainably sourced trees. We also recognized the importance of investing in our team, so we carefully selected highly qualified, experienced, creative, enthusiastic, and dynamic young people who shared our vision. Together, Kiricard worked tirelessly to create unique, high-quality products that would bring joy and happiness to people around the world.


Over a decade later, our small start-up has grown into a global business that continues to deliver on our founding mission. We’re proud to have brought joy, happiness, and laughter to so many people with our pop-up products. Our commitment to sustainability and the environment have never wavered, and we continue to seek out innovative ways to reduce their impact on the planet.


At the heart of our success lies the Kiricard Team. We recognize our team members as the most valuable assets and the key to our future success and development. We create a culture of professional working spirits that bring security and trust to all our customers and business partners.


Our journey has been challenging, but we’re proud to have made a positive impact on our community, our industry, and the world. Kiricard will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with paper pop-up cards, while never forgetting their roots and the values that got us there.