In communication culture, cards have become an essential part of our life. We can present cards for each other on special occasions such as Birthday, Christmas, Wedding, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or Events or simply in Meetings, Farewells, etc.

Cards have become the way people show affection, respect, and sincerity to each other. Understanding the cards’ spiritual values, Kiricard has been researching and developing pop-up cards. Kiricard is designed with laser-cut patterns, combined with color printing and manual processing, to create three-dimensional cubes arising when the cards are opened.

Development orientations and objectives

Kiricard always aims at building a stronger and more effective company based on manufacturing operation optimization and governance capacity improvement. It focuses on producing unique original, creative and high quality products. It also pays attention to building excellent designer teams and professional business teams  and tens to become one of the leading companies in the current pop-up field.

Product quality

Kiricard is produced based on USA  laser-cutting technology with the prominent advantages of sharp, sophisticated and highly precise cuttings,  combined with highest quality papers imported from Japan, Italy, Germany, Korea. Kiricard is always concerned with customer health so we are committed to using environmentally – friendly and non-toxic paper sources. Our QC teams always check carefully at all stages such as materials, laser-cutting, manual processing, checking and packing with the goals of creating high – quality cards meeting customer’s requirements of colors, designs as well as sizes.

We have a variety of designs, including three main size 5×7, 6×6 and 6×8 (inch) and after finishing all cards are packed into plastic bag accompanied by envelopes. In terms of colors, customers can choose available ones or mix colors depending on their own hobbies and market tastes.


We own a young passionate and talented designing team that always keep us with the latest designing trend. From building an idea to turning it into a real product, our team members always accomplish their jobs beautifully and with surprising speed.

An idea only takes us from 2-4 days to transform it into a complete stunning design, the fastest you can find in this field.

We always welcome custom designs. You have a cool idea and want to bring it to a pop-up card? Contact us and we sure that we can help you with that, ranging from changing the colors to adding texts or even making a brand new design for your own one. We offer a great customizing service that will certainly satisfy your needs.