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Do you know  “Kiricard a variety of Clown pop-up cards?”

The clown is an artist or performer who pretends to be a fool or foolish and acts out or acts up, in order to amuse his audience. In short, he’s a comedian, someone who tries to make you laugh by being funny. The clown makes fun for everyone. Clowns have many things in their bag of tricks. Some do slapstick, pie throwing, falling down stumbling, physical humor. Some do pantomime, they don’t speak, they act out their skit or story, instead. Some use magic or juggling. Others tell jokes and still others, like me, use puppets in their performance.  We can meet clown anywhere as Street, Circus, Birthday party, Christmas, etc.

At Kiricard, we have an exclusive collection of handcrafted 3D pop-up cards that make for the most innovative greeting for any occasion.  And what makes our cards even more special is the inclusion of clown pop-up cards. Clown pop-up cards based on occasions (Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Baby, Friendship) or holiday (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween).

Clown pop-up card really bringing humor, lightness, and joy to any occasion. They have slowly become a more comfortable and engaging way of communicating, suitable for anyone.  In fact, one can see their increasing use in business settings as well.

Check out the witty range of clown pop-up cards on Kiri cards. Some of our best-selling clown pop-up cards include the Clown Birthday pop-up cards, Christmas house pop-up cards, etc

1. Clown face cake pop – up card

The clown face cake pop-up card is inspired by a simple cake that your mother made for your birthday, we hope to help you celebrate your birthday with our best wills. Birthday cake is one of the most indispensable stuff in Birthday Occasion. This time, we want to add the face of Clown into birthday cake hope to bring excitement to the recipient, the bright face and optimistic smile of him will bring exhilaration.

2) Rainbow Train Pop up Card

A pop-up card with cute animals is always a classic but most favorite birthday card for kids. Especially this time, we put a delighted clown who can bring happiness to anyone. You can image like you lost on animals park. The excitement of actors in this train makes your new day brightly. We believe each card tells a different story depending on how you give the card to the receiver.  This card should bring a smile to your loved.

3. Clown Snowboard pop up card 

Inspired simply by the winter holiday, the card reminisces those winter night when children try so hard to wait up for the Santa to visit. This Christmas card will bring a wonderful holiday joy and surprise to any lucky recipient. Wrap together some loving messages and deliver it to your beloved.

Our clown pop-up cards are packed in a plastic – bag and enclosed in an envelope. You can find a suitable greeting card for any occasion under the sun. And if you don’t have a particular occasion for gifting a card, you can pick any of the other non-occasion Kiri pop cards, just to add some joy and laughter in your loved one’s life.