A Poinsettia Bloom Pop Up Card

Quantity: A card comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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A poinsettia bloom pop up card 

The front of the poinsettia bloom pop up card features a white cover with a demonstration of a poinsettia pattern. It makes the cover more and more magnificently. This poinsettia bloom is also deeply within the 3D pop up card. 

Open it up to reveal an impressive 3D sculpture of a red poinsettia bloom. A perfect combination among red flower, green leaves and white background makes the 3D pop up card become more lively and outstandingly. Inside the card is not too complicated; however, anyone who looks at first also pays attention to every detail of the 3D pop up card. 

Inspiration for poinsettia bloom pop up card 

Poinsettia bloom is a special symbol of Christmas Occasion. Following the legend, poinsettia bloom is thought as a Star of Bethlehem that led the Wise Men to Jesus. As you can see, poinsettia has 2 layers leaves which are divided into red leaves and green leaves. In reality, the red leaves indicate the blood of Christ and the green leaves symbolize his purity.

From this legend, poinsettia bloom is a great source of inspiration to our designer. He would like to create a 3D pop up card as a unique gift on Christmas Occasion. He hopes that this is a meaningful means for people’s exchange on Christmas as well as on New Year. 

Occasions for poinsettia bloom pop up card

Poinsettia bloom is designed for some special occasions in a year. 

Firstly, this 3D pop up card is a significant present to anyone during Christmas occasion. 

Secondly, Mother’s day is also suitable occasion to give poinsettia bloom pop up card to mothers in the world. 

If you are considering about the gift when friends’ birthday is coming, let write meaningful messages on the poinsettia pop up card and give to them. Make sure that people will keep them forever.  



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