Cherry Blossom Music Band Pop Up Card

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x  20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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Cherry Tree Music Band Pop Up Card

The Cherry tree pop up card has sparkling cream cover with a jazz band and flying-up musical notes represented by delicate laser-cuts of the designers. Looking at a laser-cut art, we feel that life surrounding contains full of music and happiness.

Details inside the pop up card make a strong impression on people receiving them. In particular, in the centre of the card appears a striking pink cherry blossom tree in full bloom. Around the cherry blossom tree is a band keeping pace with spring melody. A girl is playing piano and two boys are also playing other musical instrument. It’s great!

Inspiration for cherry blossom music pop up card

The most remarkable thing is the cherry blossom symbol. In foreign countries; especially Japan, cherry blossoms are  extremely famous and popular in people’s life. Cherry blossom is signal of spring that is season of success and new beginning. Our designers hope that anyone who receives this 3D pop up card will achieve great success in life.

Besides, the appearance of music band also highlights joyful atmosphere of spring picture. It is not only music but also sows hope to light future for everyone. Music band will show in congratulated party like birthday party; party for new job; or meetings.

Occasions for cherry blossom music 3D pop up card

Cherry blossom music 3D pop up card is perfect gift for everyone on special occasions. Indeed, people can give it to your parents, relatives and loved ones. It can be used on Mother’s day as thanks to mom’s giving birth and bringing up.

A cherry blossom pop up card will be great if it is used for yourself. It is the special gift that motivates people try their best life. 


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