Christmas Wreath Pop Up Card

Welcome the festive season with a beautifully crafted Christmas wreath card. A symbol of holiday warmth, it’s a timeless gesture of joy and celebration.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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Patterns of pine tree, and laurel wreath combine harmoniously with the red from boots and gift boxes adorned on the front of this creamy pop up card. The inside of the card is a meticulously carved image of the laurel wreath that is skillfully assembled in many layers. The picture of the laurel wreath becomes more vivid by being decorated with dried pine cones with a thin layer of silver snow and winterberries. Highlighted on a soft cream-colored card background are skillful and impressive cut images of pine trees, gift boxes, heater accentuating the theme of the pop up card.


The laurel wreath is known for the most common purpose of decorating homes, especially at Christmas. However, few people know that the laurel wreath is also a symbol in the ritual to celebrate Christmas. Over time, the laurel wreath has gradually brought in special meanings that symbolize the hope of a bright future, a warm spring between current dark, and cold winter.

The card is like giving a laurel to the hearts of those who receive it, giving them warmth and strength to start a new and blessed beginning.


The Christmas season will become warmer and more meaningful than ever before when the card is given to the person you love during the most special occasion of the year.


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