Dolphin Dad & Son Pop Up Card

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size: 15 x  20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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Mother and son Dolphin Pop up card 

The front of the Mother and son Dolphin Pop up card features a light silver cover with an illustration of mother and baby dolphin pattern. Specially, surrounding mother and son dolphin is a magnificent sea view with rows of coconut-palm, sunshine and blue sky which makes the cover more and more impressively. 

Open it up to reveal a wonderful 3D sculpture of two dark blue dolphins. They are jumping off the water as showing happiness in life. Mother’s love in the deep ocean is a stunning scene which makes a strong impression on anyone who receives this 3D pop up card. 

Inspiration for Mother and Son Dolphin Pop up card

Our designer takes inspiration from 2 main characters of the card – mother and son dolphin. In particular, Mother and son dolphin symbolize special meaning in life including nourishment, caregiver and the wider process of life. 

Our designer would like to bring these messages to anyone who receives this 3D pop up card; especially is all mothers in the world on their day. This pop up card will enable senders to translate their loving words and sincere feelings to receivers.

Therefore, it is a good occasion so that the sons show their loves to their moms with Mother and son dolphin pop up card.

Occasions for Mother and Son Dolphin Pop up card 

Gift this Mother and Son Dolphin pop up card to your mother on her birthday or on Mother’s day. Make sure that all mothers will be really surprised when receiving this special gift since their children wrote meaning words inside the card for them. Moreover, a handmade present will bring warm and cosy atmosphere for the party and help people feel much more joyful. 

You can also give this card to your mother if she has passion to dolphin. It is really a good suggestion for sons. 


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