Dolphin Pop Up Card

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.

Size: 12×17 (cm)

Colors: Custom color

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Dolphin Pop Up Card

The front of this Dolphin pop up card is covered by dark blue. A white dolphin, which is swimming and jumping highly from under the sea, highlights the center of the cover.

When opening, the Dolphin card will show a dark blue dolphin struggling violently with a view to pass through the ocean. After rushing into the sea, the sponge bubbles up and forms blue lively waves. Together with the light blue surrounded, sun and cloud combine harmoniously; make good view inside the Dolphin pop up card.

Inspiration for Dolphin Pop Up Card

The most impressive point is the Dolphin symbol. In particular, our designers used dolphin to show the loves, friendship among people in the life. What is more, dolphin also refers to peace and freedom. Therefore, it is really a suitable gift to people who are alone or free and others.

An occasion for Dolphin Pop Up Card

You can give Dolphin pop up card for your mother on the Mother’s Day; for friends and relatives on the birthday or for anyone who is strong; dare to face challenges in life.




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