Little Ducklings and Mom Pop Up Card

The Little Ducklings and Mom Pop-Up Card captures the essence of maternal care, perfect for Mother’s Day, welcoming a new baby, or celebrating the bond between mother and child.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size: 12 x  17 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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Little duckling and mom Pop up card

The front of the little duckling and mom Pop up card features a dark blue cover with an illustration of mother and baby ducks pattern. It makes the cover more and more impressively. These images reveal some details inside the 3D pop up card. 

As soon as open the card, we are really attracted by 3D image of yellow duck mummy and babies in the middle of the card. They are having fun in the water making a special highlight in the whole scenes of the 3D pop up card. At the corner of the card is a school of fish swimming around water lily blooms. Our designer creates a perfect and lively sculpture following layers and layers form which make a strong impression on people who receive this card. 

Inspiration for Little duckling and Mom Pop up card

Little duckling and mom pop up card is taken inspiration from Mother’s Day. Our designer would like to bring the most meaningful messages to moms in the world during their day via this 3D pop up card. Mom and little ducks images will enable people to translate loving words and feelings as well.

Thanks to this pop up card, people can show their love following the most direct and comfortable way.

Occasions for Little duckling and Mom Pop up card

The most suitable occasion to give this 3D pop up card is Mother’s Day because of its inspiration. 

This card is also a delicate gift to welcome a new baby with the best wishes inside.

You can give this card for best friends, family’s members who love images of this 3D pop up card.


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