Santa and Snowman Christmas Eve Pop Up Card

Discover a festive friendship between Santa and a snowman on this magical Christmas Eve. This pop-up card captures the spirit of camaraderie and festive fun.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  12 x 17 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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Santa and Snowman Christmas Eve Pop up card

On the front of this 3D pop up card, a laser-cut Santa Claus sitting on the sleigh and riding reindeers distributing gifts for everyone on Christmas Eve, as well as the best wish Merry Christmas is combined harmoniously in striking red background. The cover of 3D pop up card reveals a part of the card on this holiday season.

When opening, we are extremely impressed by overwhelming Christmas scene inside the 3D pop up card. A stunning sleigh is followed by Father Christmas and reindeers in a fanciful night. Suddenly, they pass through a forest where snowman is smiling happily and having a good time together under the row of trees. 

Merry Christmas is written in the middle of the card by laser-cut art. It makes this 3D pop up card more and more outstandingly. 

Inspiration for Santa and Snowman Christmas Eve Pop up card

According to the legend, at the midnight, 25th, December, Santa with his sleigh and 9 reindeers brought a lot of gifts to give to children all over the world. In this short journey, he went through a small forest where Christmas atmosphere was really pervasive. Snowman was talking with each other and smiling cheerfully. 

From these images, our designer would like to draw wonderful Christmas atmosphere once again in this 3D pop up card. He hopes that everyone who receives this card will have a good time on Christmas Occasion.

Occasion for Santa and Snowman Christmas Eva Pop up Card

Sending this 3D pop up card during Christmas Occasion will surprise anyone who owns them. Let give this card to them and say Merry Christmas. It is the most special gift than anything appears on this occasion. 



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