Santa Claus 2 Pop Up Card

Share the joy and magic of the season with the jolly figure of Santa Claus. This card captures the heart and soul of Christmas, making it a timeless greeting.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x  20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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Santa Claus 2 Pop Up Card

Although cover of the 3D pop up card is designed simply, it still shows specific Christmas’s features. In particular, the cover owns a pine in the middle and the word “Merry Christmas” in the bottom of the cover. Background is highlighted with red color linking with white details around. All of them create Christmas atmosphere overwhelmingly. 

Open cover of the Pop up card, a cosy Christmas scene in a small room appears as the most stunning highlight in whole details of the 3D pop up card. In this room, we can see that a lot of things belonging to Christmas. Stockings, stars, baubles, gifts, fireplace and pine tree are decorated splendidly, colorfully as well. 

The laser-cut word “Merry Christmas” is put beside the 3D pop up card as a wish of sender to receiver on Christmas Occasion.

Inspiration for Santa Claus 2 Pop up card

Santa Claus pop up card is taken inspiration from the night Christmas scene. Following tradition of the West countries, at midnight on 25th December, people reunite with their family and have dinner together beside fireplace and cheerful Christmas atmosphere. 

Our designer hopes that Santa Claus Pop up card will bring a wonderful Christmas Occasion for anyone who receives it. Moreover, he would like to remind people to remember all memories about Christmas in order to keep traditional cultural beauty on this special occasion.

Occasion for Santa Claus 2 Pop up card

The most suitable occasion for Santa Claus 2 Pop up card is Christmas. During Christmas season, people can make use of this 3D pop up card as a unique gift to give to their families and their friends with the best wishes on Christmas.


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