Santa in Red Jeep Pop Up Card

Ride along with Santa in his vibrant red jeep, spreading Christmas cheer. This card is a whimsical celebration of the season’s adventurous spirit.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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The sparkling red cover of this warm Christmas pop-up card has an illustration reminiscent of joyful during this special occasion. A cut image of Santa floating on the cover is on the journey from the North Pole to houses in all over the world distributing gifts to the children.

The card is opened with complete immersion in a three-dimensional sculpture assembled vividly with an old-fashioned truck that is flooded with gifts, driven by Santa. The truck is decorated with laurel wreaths designed in a very sophisticated way. In the background of the creamy color are images of red houses with snow-covered tile roofs, moonlight harmonizing to Santa’s shadow on the reindeer car, and the flicker of the streetlight. Christmas seems to have come in this pop-up card already.


Inspiration for Red Jeep Pop Up Card

Christmas is a new season with overwhelming joys, the children will sleep with delighting and eagerness for the gift that will lie under their pillows when they wake up on December 25, but no one knows that adults also need gifts of similar poetic joy. Therefore, the card was born as a spread of joyful energy for everyone at Christmas.

Occasions for Santa in Red Santa Jeep Pop Up Card

Santa in red Jeep is a perfect card for annual Christmas or any special occasion of the year for those who are passionate fans of Santa Claus from relatives, children or your co-workers.


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