Santa with Heater Pop Up Card

Experience a cozy moment with Santa, warming up by the heater. This card offers a heartwarming glimpse into Santa’s downtime, making it a unique festive greeting.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x  20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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Picture of Santa Claus and 3 reindeers playing music happily greeted the Christmas holidays with outstanding cut on the blink red background of the card. The whole card seems to encompass the joy of Noel’s atmosphere but it becomes warmer when there is a clever appearance of the heater, a banner with a cut image “Merry Christmas” in red, pine tree, and colorful gift boxes. Inside, a marvelous figurine appears when the pop up card is opened. Santa is playing the role as an orchestra leader who is excitedly controlling 3 reindeers resound the Christmas songs. Three reindeers are three talented artists using skillful trumpets, drums and accordions. The choir is like a song that welcomes Christmas with full of joy. The space around is filled with colourful gift boxes, and pine trees. The most special thing is the appearance of a heater decorated with stockings and candles, making the whole scene of the card is in harmony with Christmas’s atmosphere. A wonderful music session is delicately sketched on a soft cream-colored card background, along with skillful and impressive cut images of pine trees, gift boxes, heater accentuating the theme of the pop up card.

  • Inspiration

Jingle Bell, We wish you a Merry Christmas, etc. are songs that always echo in our minds every Christmas season approaching. These songs would probably be better when performed by Santa Claus and reindeers. This will definitely create excitement for people especially the children.

·      Occasions for A Santa with Heater card 

A Santa with Heater will be suitable for all Christmas season with any reciever because the fun of the card will easily bring a smile to those who receive this card. In particular, this card may become more meaningful when given to your beloved children during Christmas.


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