Sun Wheel Pop Up Card

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 15 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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Sun Wheel Pop Up Card

Sun Wheel Pop Up Card has a cream cover with a ferris wheel pattern. Open the card and you will find a stunning three-dimensional sculpture of a giant Ferris wheel. The wheel is embellised with blue, red and white accents.

Inspirations of Ferris Wheel Pop Up Card:

The fairground ride consisting of a giant vertical revolving wheel is one of our best favorite games at the amusement park. We enjoy watching passenger cars suspended on its outer edge..and imagine how relaxing they feel. Thus, we believe each card tells a different story depending on how you give the card to the receiver. It could be either a great gift for children or a love gift for any couples.

Sun wheel pop up cards are designed and made by Kiricard, a pop up card manufacture company from Vietnam and we are working hard day by day to bring you the best 3D card designs.

Occasions for Sun Wheel Pop Up Card:

Sun Wheel Pop Up Card is most suitable 3D birthday gift for children, or for anyone who loves the beauty of the giant wheel. Give this handmade pop-up card to your children, friends or family on their birthday.


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