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Wholesale Bulk Mothers Day Cards For Your Store

Bulk Mothers Day Cards

Boost Sales with Bulk Mothers Day Cards

Mother’s Day is a big chance for stores to boost their sales and stand out with special offerings. During this time, people are on the hunt for the perfect gift to show their moms how much they care. This creates a golden opportunity for retailers to capture attention by offering unique and heartfelt gifts.

For stores, this means digging into what makes a gift memorable and ensuring your selection hits the mark. Getting this right not only increases sales but also builds your reputation as the go-to spot for meaningful presents.

Pop-Up Cards: A Fresh Choice for Mothers Day

In a marketplace filled with traditional gifts and cards, pop-up cards stand out as a breath of fresh air. For retailers looking to captivate customers this Mother’s Day, offering bulk Mothers Day cards in the form of pop-up cards can be a game-changer. Unlike traditional cards, pop-up cards transform a simple greeting into an engaging, three-dimensional surprise. This level of creativity and unexpected delight elevates these cards from mere messages to memorable keepsakes.

What sets pop-up cards apart is their ability to make any message feel more personal, customer can also put pop-up cards on the shelf at their home as a kind keepsake or a souvenir. Choosing a pop-up card means finding a unique way to express affection, making the gift stand out. By stocking up on bulk Mothers Day cards that feature pop-up designs, retailers can provide an alternative option for those seeking to express their feelings in a new way. Check out below for Kiricard’s newest Mother’s Day pop-up Card collection:


Make It Exclusive With Custom Pop-Up Cards

Kiricard knows that every store wants to offer something special for Mother’s Day. That’s why we have so many ways to make bulk Mothers Day cards fit what you and your customers like. You can choose cards that match your store’s look, have special themes, or carry unique messages.

Personalize with Logos and Colors

  • We go beyond just picking designs. You can add your store’s logo, website, color, or other details with our laser-cutting and printing services, on both sides of the card.

Create Unique Cards with Our Custom Design Service

  • If you’re looking for something no one else has, our team can help make your own design. Just tell us your ideas or show us a picture, and we’ll create an exclusive pop-up card just for you.

Premium Packaging

  • Every card comes with an envelope and a clear bag to keep it safe and clean. We check each order carefully to make sure everything looks great when it gets to you.

Learn more about our Customization Service here

Kiricard Offers Best Selling Policy on Wholesale Pop-Up Cards

At Kiricard, we’re committed to giving our customers the best possible value, blending cost-efficiency with high quality to enhance your profit margins. Our selling and pricing policies are designed to give retailers like you a competitive edge when ordering bulk Mothers Day cards.

Savings for Every Customer Up to 10%

  • New Customers enjoy a 10% discount on the first order of 500 pieces or more (with at least 50 pieces per design).
  • Returning Customers enjoy up to 10% discount based on their order size.

Yearly Savings Up to 14%

  • Additionally, Kiricard also offers escalating discounts for bulk orders annually with savings of up to 14%.

Efficient Production and Delivery

  • Our lead time varies from 10 to 35 working days.
  • We offer two delivery options: air freight (express shipping via UPS, DHL, or FedEx) and ocean freight, with shipping costs based on order weight.

Find out more about our Selling Policy here

Kiricard: Best Bulk Mothers Day Cards Manufacturer From Vietnam

Based in Vietnam, Kiricard brings over 10 years of experience to the eco-friendly pop-up card industry. We pride ourselves on crafting a wide range of over 1,000 unique card designs, all made from sustainably sourced trees to ensure we’re kind to the planet.

Each year, we produce more than 2 million pieces, and along with many promotions, we are confident in our capacity to reliably support both large retailers and small businesses alike. Our dedication to combining traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship makes Kiricard a trusted partner for anyone looking for quality, sustainable pop-up cards for any occasion.



Find out more about us here

Order Bulk Mothers Day Cards Today To Boost Your Sales

Mother’s Day is approaching, to view our catalog of pop-up cards, request a sample, or place an order contact us via:

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Don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect Mother’s Day cards for your store. With Kiricard, you’re not just getting cards; you’re offering memorable experiences. Let’s partner together to make this Mother’s Day one to remember. Contact us today!