Baby Christmas Reindeer Pop Up Card

Cherish the adorable sight of a baby reindeer, bringing festive joy to all. This card is a delightful celebration of the season’s playful spirit.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 15 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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A baby Christmas Reindeer Pop up Card

The red cover of Baby Christmas reindeer pop up card features a stunning laser – cut demonstration of reindeer’s image that are shown by 3D art inside the pop up card. The word Merry Christmas has light white which is quite outstanding in red background. Baby Reindeer is decorated with lots of patterns relating to Christmas like scarf, stockings, bows, and baubles, etc. 

Once open, we are extremely attracted by beautiful space inside this card. A baby reindeer appear magnificently as well as colourful Christmas details which help everyone feel Christmas atmosphere is coming.

 In particular, a brown reindeer in the central of the card is wearing all Christmas ornament. He puts on a red and white scarf and red stockings. Besides, in his antlers surrounded by special Christmas gifts such as Santa’s hat, holly, baubles and stars. Moreover, beautifying Christmas picture is a pine and a snowman which is symbolic of christmas day. 

Inspiration for baby Christmas Reindeer Pop up Card

This 3D pop up card is designed for Christmas days; therefore, its inspiration is draw from Christmas holiday. The designer hopes to bring the most special gift to people of all ages. Baby Christmas reindeer pop up card will be a unique symbol during Christmas occasion. 

A reindeer is the main point of the card. This is an implication of designers. They would like to create a joyful Christmas atmosphere. Moreover, reindeer image is as a symbol collecting all dreams of everyone in the world. 

Occasions for baby Christmas Reindeer Pop up Card

The most special occasion people use baby Christmas reindeer pop up card is Christmas season. During Christmas, people give this card as a unique gift with the best wishes for their relatives and friends. 


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