Christmas Angel Pop Up Card

Send blessings and peace with a celestial Christmas angel. This card captures the ethereal beauty of the season, making it a touching gesture of love.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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A Christmas angel pop up card

A laser – cut angel wearing a beautiful white dress, blowing the trumpet is a key

point of the golden cover of 3D pop up card. It makes the cover of the card sophisticatedly. This angel is also a 3D model inside the pop up card.  

Open the 3D pop up card, an angel emerges in a wonderful background. The

angel wears a beautiful white dress like model in cover of the card. Combining with dress is orange wings and a golden trumpet. All of these details evoke elegant and dramatic Christmas party. 

Arounding angel is light pink background and some ornaments that are symbolic of Christmas are fairy lights, stars and pines. The Christmas angel pop up card is really a meaningful gift for anyone receiving it. 

Inspiration for Christmas angel pop up card

Our designer finds his inspiration in angel when designing Christmas angel pop up card. It is an endless source of inspiration for him. Angel shows different meaning for dissimilar people of religious sects. The designer create this angel in order to help everyone have a happy Christmas occasion. Moreover, people also can use this card in anytime of the year; especially a period of time when people are looking for a bright future.   

Occasions for Christmas angel pop up card

Christmas angel pop up card will be a unique gift people give to their families, their relatives and their friends during Christmas. This 3D pop up card brings all good wishes of sender to receiver. 

Besides, this 3D pop up card is also given for anyone on special occasions such as anniversary or party in December; nearly Christmas day. 


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