Nativity 1 Pop Up Card

Delve into the sacred narrative of Christmas with this beautifully crafted Nativity scene. A card that resonates with faith and reverence, perfect for the holy season.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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A Nativity 1 Pop up card

The front of this stunning pop up card describes an immortal scene of the married couple Joseph and Mary praying underneath the North Star, angels and above Baby Jesus in the front of his stable door where horses, donkeys and other animals live in. Complicated and solemn detailed, the cover of nativity pop up card is really glorious.

Once opened the pop up card reveals a moving scene. In particular, this is a 3D art picture showing a happy family. In this picture, a baby is smiling and looking at her parents. This is Mary and Joseph who are bowing and put their hands in the chest in order to pray solemnly in the newborn King’s dignity. 

Star in the middle of the door stable and two angels are also special highlights within 3D pop up card.    

Inspiration for Nativity 1 Pop up card

Our designer takes inspiration from the story of Christ’ birth to create this pop up card. On the inconceivable and fateful night, Jesus was born in a manger and brought an important mission. It is to bring a better life for everyone in the world. 

Therefore, our designer would like to create this 3D pop up card as a unique gift on Christmas Occasion that is celebrated annually in the world.

Occasions for  Nativity 1 Pop up card

Nativity pop up card is a gift that giving to everyone when Christmas Occasion comes. It will be a tool to spread Christmas atmosphere to the world. 


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