Poinsettia Flowers Wreath Pop Up Card

Adorn your greetings with a wreath of vibrant poinsettias. Symbolizing festive bloom and joy, this card is a radiant touch to the holiday season.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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A poinsettia flowers wreath pop up card

The light cream cover of 3D pop up card features a laser – cut poinsettia flowers wreath beautifully. It is as a special signal that opens a colourful picture inside. 

When opening the 3D pop up card, we are really attracted by a poinsettia flowers wreath arrangement paper sculpture. In particular, designer created impressive images including a 3D lively wreath that combines with pine cones, colorful baubles and pine needles. One of the most important points of the wreath is outstanding red poinsettias. Its beauty shows success and lucky in life.    

We cannot but focus on a laser – cut wreath at the corner of 3D pop up card. Inside of this wreath has the dramatic words Merry Christmas. 

Poinsettia flowers wreath pop up card will be a meaningful gift for everyone on Christmas occasion.

Inspiration for poinsettia flowers wreath pop up card

Poinsettia flowers wreath is one of the most necessary symbols on Christmas occasion. Therefore, to create a pop up card suiting for Christmas, our designer found inspiration from this wreath. Circle of the wreath illustrates the permanent God’s love for everyone. Poinsettia flowers wreath demonstrates a better life for people when they welcome a new year. 

Occasions for poinsettia flowers wreath pop up card

There are numerous occasions to give poinsettia flowers wreath. You can give this pop up card for people on Christmas occasion because of its unique meaning. 

Besides, you can also gift to everyone on special occasions like birthday party or Thanksgiving. We make sure that it is a distinctive gift for anyone receiving. 


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