Nativity 4 Pop Up Card

Revisit the sacred origins of Christmas with this intricate depiction of the Nativity. A poignant reminder of the season’s spiritual roots, perfect for sharing with loved ones.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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The front of this beautiful pop up card is a classic image depicting the birth of Jesus in the joy of Mary and Joseph, and there is also witnessed by two angels. The cut image is skillfully sculpted strikingly on a red background covering the entire of the card. 

Inside the pop up card is a multidimensional image assembled by many layers of cut paper showing a warm tent with the picture of Jesus supported in the arms of Mary and Joseph. The appearance of donkey cows makes the atmosphere happier and more exciting. It seems that space is giving off a positive aura to welcome the birth of Jesus. Above the tent is the appearance of a bright star with two angels making the whole scene becomes more splendid and magical. The word “Oh sing to the Lord a new song” are extremely delicate. It is decorated with garlands, went along with a couple of birds are singing, making the pop up card comes alive on an elegant creamy background. 

  •   Inspiration

Nativity gives people more meaning in their life, such as connecting people. Christmas is a family holiday, creating a reason to gather people together. Since then sentiment is maintained. The card is like a rope that pulls the distance between people closer this Christmas.

  • Occasions for NATIVITY 4 POP UP CARD

This card is suitable for those who love you and those you love. Designed with a pretty funny shape, maybe the card will become a little special if it is given to beloved children in your family.


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