Nativity 3 Pop Up Card

Step into the holy scene of the Nativity, where the story of Christmas began. This card offers a serene and spiritual touch to your festive greetings.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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A Nativity 2 Pop up card 

The red cover of this pop up card features a splendid demonstration of Joseph and Mary holding baby Jesus when Jesus was born in his manger. This is the most meaningful scene in outside cover ò pop up card  as well as inside the 3D pop up card. 

Spread details within the nativity pop up card, we are impressed by a happy family in the middle surrounded by vedant trees, sky, sunshine, and animals. A three- dimensional  sculpture shows that Mary is holding baby Jesus while Joseph is standing by Mary, extending his arms to welcome the newborn King’s majesty and smiling happily. 


Inspiration for Nativity Pop up card


Inspiration of 3D pop up card indicates the beauty behind the story of Christ’ birth. On the fateful night in Bethlehem, baby Jesus was born in Mary and Joseph’s house which is a stable for living’s animals. Mary took a cloth and put Jesus in a trough. Jesus is a symbol of Christianism that brings the light to everyone. 

Thus, our designer creates this 3D pop up card as telling the story of Christ’s birth to anyone receiving this meaningful gift. 


Occasions for Nativity 2 Pop up card

The most suitable occasion to gift this card is Christmas. Nativity pop up card will be a special gift to everyone on this important occasion. 

Moreover, Nativity Pop up card is a tool to spread Christmas atmosphere and welcome A new year.


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