Yoga Pop Up Card (Red)

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x  20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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Yoga pop up card (Red)

The front of the yoga pop up card features a red cover with an illustration of a bodhisattva doing yoga on lotus shaped lamp support. Complicated and solemn detailed, the cover of yoga pop up card is really glorious. 

Once opened the pop up card reveals a peaceful scene. In particular, this is 3D art picture showing that a yogis is practising balanced on in the middle of the 3D pop up card. However, this is a special yogis – bodhisattva who refers to anyone who has generated bodhicitta, a spontaneous wish and compassionate mind to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. Surrounding the yogis is different yoga figures making the yogis more and more outstanding.

Inspiration for yoga pop up card (Red)

Our designer takes inspiration from function of yoga to create this 3D pop up card. Yoga is known as a chain of physical exercises helping everyone release stress after hard working days. Moreover, yoga is also a metal treatment supporting to avoid serious diseases in life nowadays. 

Therefore, our designer would like to bring this 3D pop up card to everyone who has strong passion for yoga.

Occasions for yoga pop up card (Red)

Yoga pop up card is designed for people who love yoga. Make sure that this is a unique gift on special occasions such as birthdays, meetings as well as anniversaries. Let give this card to your women to make a strong surprise to them.



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