Baby Christmas Reindeer 2 Pop Up Card

Delight in the playful charm of a baby reindeer, ready to spread festive cheer. This card captures the innocence and wonder of the holiday season.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x  20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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The front of the pop up card features a funny cut image of a reindeer on the red background. The reindeer becomes lovelier and closer to human when he wears a red hat, red scarf and red socks signaling Christmas atmosphere. The reindeer’s horns are attached with some usual motifs used to decorate the Christmas tree at Christmas, along with the word “Merry Christmas” is cut cleverly, making the theme of the card sketched clearly. 

Once the card is opened, the appearance of the reindeer outside the card was sculpted skillfully with exquisite cut layers. The image of the reindeer is really appearing in front of the receiver’s eyes. Behind the cut image are picture of houses with snow-covered on tile roofs, and ornately decorated pine trees with colorful gift boxes. Especially the humorous appearance of Santa is cheerful, he is hanging lights hurriedly on pine trees. The subtly cut image of the snowman and a small pine tree appeared in front of the reindeer making the scene no longer empty but warmer.


According to the old legend, at first, Santa’s flying car with 8 reindeers, but on one Christmas night, Santa had difficulty in giving gifts to the children because the sky was too cold and foggy.  Luckily, he discovered Rudolph – a reindeer with a bright red nose. Thanks to the glowing red nose of this reindeer, Santa Claus completes his mission on Christmas Eve. The card simulates a funny way of Rudolph.


The card will be very suitable for children this Christmas. BABY CHRISTMAS REINDEER pop card is considered as a gift given to the children by Rudolph – the red nose reindeer.


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