Merry Christmas Bus Pop Up Card

Embark on a festive journey with the Merry Christmas bus. Filled with joy and holiday spirit, this card is a delightful ride through the season’s best moments.

Quantity: One KiriCard comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size:  15 x 20 (cm)
Colors: custom color
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Highlighted on the delicate light yellow background of the card is a cleverly cut image depicting a red bus filled with colorful gift boxes on the bus roof. Santa Claus with white beard is wearing a red hat. He is slowly controlling the bus rolling on the street. The wish “Merry Christmas” is colored beautifully, glowing on the body of the sparkling red bus, the gift boxes next to the wish create the harmony for the whole scene of the card.

The card is opened with a picture of a Christmas bus displayed realistically. A 3D, multidimensional image of the bus depicted outside the card. All the details are beautifully sculpted like a real bus moving around the city distributing love through big and small gift boxes prepared by The Santa Claus. In particular, the front of the bus is a cheerful image of Santa surrounded by glittering golden stars making the whole space warmer and more romantic. The houses are adjacent to each other, inside, golden lights are shining. Behind these houses, the trees are looming in the silent night, the snowflakes are covering the trees and roof tiles. In front of the porch, children are excited to celebrate a warm Christmas season with so many signaling images of Noel’s atmosphere filled with a pine tree and a laurel wreath attached to the center of the house.


Inspiration for Merry Christmas Bus Pop Up Card

Normally, Santa used to ride reindeer cars in the sky and send gifts to everyone. However, derived from the wishes of children who always want to be closer to Santa Claus, the image of Santa driving a bus to deliver gifts is born. Santa is no longer a stranger, Santa seems to come closer to people through a bus that people often use as a public transport to go to school and work.


Occasions for Merry Christmas Bus Pop Up Card

A Merry Christmas Bus Card is a card suitable for everyone, at all ages. The card is given to everyone at every Christmas season, as a gift of Santa traveling by bus to give this card to the receiver.




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